6-12 months prior:

_____ Company/organization verifies open dates with Tony’s Client Liaison. (Emissary)
_____ Company/organization verifies general needs and objectives with Tony’s Client Liaison (Emissary) to make sure they’re a good fit for what Tony teaches.
_____ Company/organization will be emailed Tony’s speaking contract, supplies contract, deposit invoice and W9.
_____ Company/organization returns signed contracts with 50% deposit to secure booking on calendar.
_____ Tony assesses specific company/organization needs, objectives and desired take-aways.

2-3 months prior:

_____Tony conducts research about company/organization. This research may include a poll sent to employees/registrants and/or phone interviews.
_____Tony develops customized content based on research.
_____Tony or Client Liaison (Emissary) books all travel: Air, Ground, Hotel.

1 month prior:

_____ Tony or Client Liaison (Emissary) sends email with final invoice, reconfirmation of logistics/contacts.
_____ Company/organization emails room dimensions, table set up, screen size (16:9 or 4:3).

10-14 days prior:

_____Tony or Client Liaison (Emissary) ships any agreed-upon materials to event location.

Morning of:

_____Tony arrives onsite for room walk-through, tech/slide check and sound check.


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