Formal Bio


Passionate | Positive | Predictable | Playful

Describing himself as a spiritual being experiencing life as an American of African-Ancestry (with an athletically professional pedigree), Tony Scruggs is a paradigm maker and transformational speaker, incorporating Restorative Justice & Social Change with Personal Power & NonViolent Communication (NVC)!

As the Son of an LGBT father (also an NVC trainer) who grew up across the street from Stanford University, joined a fraternity at Ucla, played Major League Baseball and has acted in movies & sports commercials, Tony brings the energy of an elite athlete, the empathy of his Psych PhD mother, and the wisdom of his friend/mentor, @ArunMGandhi (Yah, that Gandhi)

Some people make the current paradigm more effective, and some make more effective paradigms! Tony does both, and shares tools & philosophies (including Group Privilege & Human Variation), that like a true metaphysician, focus on prevention & health!


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