Informal Bio

Up next, a former employee of George W Bush who’s acted with Anne Hathaway, and has ties to the Gandhi family & Michigan football coach, Jim Harbaugh…stay tuned šŸ˜‰

Joining me now is Tony Scruggs! He’s an empathy-coach, a transformational speaker, a former Major League Baseball player, and the architect (& author) of Excellence Off The Field: The Ultimate Guide To #MindfulEmpathy, ‘Make That Change In 4 Days: The e is for Empathy Course’ & ‘The Be Kind & Listen PLAN’

Intro: “He’s an empathy-coach with a psychology degree from Ucla! He’s a human-variation specialist, whose empathy training includes time in India with the Gandhi family! And once upon a time he played Major League Baseball for the former President of the United States! Please welcome Tony Scruggs ‘The Empathy Guy’!”


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