Tony’s Intro


Quick Intro:

“He’s an empathy-coach with a psychology degree from Ucla! He’s a human-variation specialist, whose empathy training includes time in India with the Gandhi family! And once upon a time he played Major League Baseball for the former President of the United States! Please welcome Tony Scruggs ‘The Empathy Guy’!”

Expanded Intro:

   ~Do you wish you could resolve conflict more effectively?

   ~Are you wanting to celebrate other people’s successes more empathically?

   ~Do you wish you could say ‘no’ more compassionately?

If you answered yes to even one of these, you’re in the right place!

Our speaker today believes that life’s a celebration, especially when we observe, without evaluation. He’s the top transformational speaker-coach in the world, and the architect (& author) of Excellence Off The Field: The Ultimate Guide To #MindfulEmpathy, ‘Make That Change in 4 Days’, ‘The Be Kind & Listen PLAN’ & ‘Living With Compassion’ (the twee-book)!

His unprecedented approach to compassioning (The practical application of empathy), Restorative Justice, Group Privilege & Human Variation, teaches members of team-humanity how to linguistically “Accentuate their unity, before celebrating their diversity” just by using the language of empathy! He’s known as #TheEmpathyGuy, his nickname is SiMBa (spirit, mind, & body), & he is one of a kind.

Please join me in welcoming from Palo Alto, California – Author, Speaker and a guy who secretly loves ELO, Dawson’s Creek, & the Jetsons,

Tony Scruggs!


Here is the previous machination:


Tony Scruggs coaches entrepreneurs, educators and professionals on the go – Teaching them how to make their professional and personal lives more wonderful.

His career highlights include:

*Individual consulting/coaching clients with improved lives

*Author of two paradigm shifting masterpieces:

     ‘Living With Compassion: The twee-book’


     ‘Make That Change in 4 Days: The e (is for Empathy) Course’

*Years of teaching/consulting experience

*Psychology degree from the University of California at Los Angeles, and personally trained by the architects of Nonviolent Communication, Restorative-Justice and Group Privilege!

*Featured empathy expert in interviews, including publications such as Nonviolent Personal Power ezine and appearances on Fox, CBS, and NBC affiliates

Please welcome Tony Scruggs, The Empathy Guy!


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