Your Event Info

Below is the information we’ll need from you in order to help you create the optimal learning environment for your conference attendees.

Please be prepared to submit this information via phone, email, or online:

Name of company/organization/conference

Website for event

Website for company/organization (if different)

Name of event coordinator/meeting planner/conference director

Phone number for event coordinator

Email for event coordinator

Name of onsite event contact (if different from event coordinator)

Phone number for onsite event contact

Email for onsite event contact

Date of event

Nearest airport to event

Location of event

Address of event

Room of event

Time of entire event

Time of keynote or workshop

Is there a function you would like Tony to attend before or after his keynote or training?

Will Tony’s presentation be recorded (video or audio or both)?

A/V Company for event

A/V Company contact name

A/V Company contact phone number

A/V Company contact email

Delivery method of Tony’s slides:

Onsite via thumb drive?

Or by what date for A/V company?

Note: Any slides submitted are in Show format only. If you desire another format, please notify Tony ASAP.

Number of attendees

Will interpreters be necessary/provided?

If so, what languages will be present?

Demographics of audience




Ethnic background

Education level

State or country of residence

Dress code for attendees

Theme for event

What are your industry’s current challenges?

What three facts about your company or conference are important to know (especially if Tony will not be able to find in an online search)?

Is there any industry-specific vocabulary or phrases or acronyms with which Tony should be familiar?

Objective for workshop or keynote

Top 3 take-aways desired


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